SDF prevent infiltration attempt in Ain Issa

The Syrian Democratic Forces foiled an infiltration attempt by Turkish-backed jihadists in the village of Muelek on Wednesday night. During the fighting, a vehicle with a mounted DShK machine gun was destroyed.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) prevented an infiltration attempt by jihadist occupation forces in the district of Ain Issa on Wednesday night. According to the reports, the target of the attack was the village of Muelek (Muallaq). According to SDF circles, the fighters responded on the basis of legitimate self-defense and repelled the occupation attempt. In the course of the ensuing fighting, a DShK chine gun-mounted vehicle belonging to the Islamists ma was destroyed.

Later on Tuesday night, the occupation forces targeted various points on the M4 international highway, the area surrounding Muelek and the vicinity of the Ain Issa camp with artillery fire. No information is yet available on possible casualties.

Ain Issa has been under daily attack by the Turkish invading forces for weeks. The district lies south of the Turkish occupation zone and is strategically important as a link between the self-governing regions of Euphrates and Cizîrê regions.