SDF: Invading Turkish army continues to attack our regions

The occupation of the Turkish army and mercenaries continued with howitzer, tank and heavy weapon attacks.

The SDF Press Center has released a statement detailing the last 24-hour balance sheet of the Honor Resistance.

The statement reads as follows:

"The invading Turkish army and mercenaries continued their occupation attacks throughout the region. Mercenary groups attacked many areas in order to occupy new places.


The invading Turkish army and mercenaries attacked civilian settlements in the villages of Ing El Hewa and Ebdilhey with heavy weapons and tried to invade them. UAVs activity in the region continued uninterruptedly.


The invading Turkish army heavily bombed the villages of Til Menax, Um El Kêf and Til Tewl with heavy weapons, howitzers and mortars.The activity of UAVs belonging to the occupying army continued in the region.


After the joint patrol with Russian forces around the wheat warehouse in Şêrgirakê, the invading Turkish army carried out attacks together with numerous mercenary groups and heavy weapons, tanks and artillery and occupied the warehouse.

Two of our friends were wounded in the attacks carried out by the invading Turkish army and mercenaries with UAVs, howitzers, tanks and heavy weapons."