SDF foil new attack by Turkish-linked mercenaries in Ain Issa

Syrian Democratic Forces folied another ground attack by Turkish-linked mercenaries on the village of Seyda near Ain Issa in northern Syria.

Mercenaries of the Syrian National Army (SNA) tried to take the village of Seyda near Ain Issa once again. As it has happened several times before, however, this attempt was also foiled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). As a result, mercenaries and the Turkish army fired artillery shells on the strategically important M4 highway.

Artillery attack on Til Temir

The Til Temir district, which is predominantly inhabited by Syriacs, was also affected by attacks. A number of Turkish artillery shells struck the village of Ebus on Monday evening around 9 pm local time. So far there is no news about damage and losses.

Turkey is trying to use the SNA mercenaries to extend its zone of occupation to the M4 highway. The attacks on the Ain Issa district in particular have been intensifying for weeks. Despite attacks on the ground, with artillery and at least once even from air, the international powers are silent about the systematic breach of the ceasefire for which Russia is guarantor. Turkey seems to continue to test how far it can go with these attacks.