SDF fighter Izmet Muslim laid to rest

A ceremony was held at the Martyr Dicle cemetery in Kobanê for SDF fighter Izmet Muslim (Polat Kobanê). Identities of 13 martyrs were also revealed at the ceremony.

A ceremony was held for SDF fighter Izmet Muslim (Polat Kobanê), who fell a martyr as a result of illness in Kobanê. The identities information of 13 martyrs were also announced at the ceremony at the Martyr Dicle Cemetery.

Speaking at the ceremony, Kongra Star Coordination member Heda Hesen emphasized that they will fight to the end to protect the values created by the martyrs.

Nebo Temo, co-chair of the Euphrates Region Defense Office, said that they will continue the resistance against the invaders and mercenaries in the footsteps of the martyrs.

After the speeches, the martyrdom information of Martyr Izmet Muslim and 13 more martyrs was read and delivered to their families.