SDF commander: 12 killed, a vehicle destroyed in Ain Issa

Ziyad Heleb, one of the SDF commanders, who evaluated the attacks of the Turkish state and its gangs against Ain Issa in the past days, said that a vehicle was destroyed and 12 gang members were killed.

On December 18, the invading Turkish state and its gangs attacked the villages of Cehbel and Mişêrfê of Ain Issa and shelled the surrounding area of ​​ Ain Issa downtown and the M4 international highway. The SDF fighters, who responded to the attacks on the basis of legitimate self-defence, prevented the invaders from moving forward. 12 gang members were killed in the conflict, and a military vehicle belonging to the invaders was destroyed.

Evaluating the invasion attempt and attacks for ANHA news agency, one of the SDF commanders Ziyad Heleb said that the invaders' attacks were repelled with success. Referring to the claims of Turkish media outlets that Turkey occupied 2 villages in Ain Issa, Ziyad Heleb said, “These allegations reflected in the press and social media are fake news. These 2 villages are under the control of our forces. It is sometimes attacked by the invading Turkish army and its gangs”.

12 gang members killed; a vehicle destroyed

Heleb remarked that, “The clashes lasted for 2 days. As far as we have identified, 12 gang members were killed, and a military vehicle belonging to the invaders was destroyed”.

The SDF commander gave a message of resistance at the end of his speech and said, "Our fighters continue their resistance and will not allow the gangs to enter our land."