SDF balance sheet: Attacks continued, 15 mercenaries killed

At least 15 mercenaries were killed and two armored vehicles were destroyed during the clashes and attacks in the regions of Serekaniye, Amude and Ayn Issa.

The Press Office of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released the balance sheet for the 13th day of fighting and resistance in Northern Syria.

According to the statement, the Turkish army continued to violate the ceasefire in Serekaniye, Ayn Issa and Amude, and attacked the positions of SDF fighters with UAVs on October 21.

Ras Al Ain (Serêkaniyê)

On the axis of the villages of Aburasin, Moreks, Mishrafa, and Manajir, the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions tried to launch attacks several times to advance and occupy these villages. The terrorist factions used armored vehicles with cover from artillery shelling. SDF units responded to these attacks within the framework of legitimate defense, killing and injuring a number of mercenaries and destroying an armored vehicle. Terrorist factions also attempted to target SDF checkpoints in the vicinity of the city of Tal Tamr.


In Amude, terrorist factions attempted to advance and occupy more areas. SDF forces confronted them and clashes erupted, during which at least 15 mercenaries were killed and an armored vehicle destroyed.

On the axis of the Tal Tamr road, the Turkish invasion army launched strikes with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)on the positions of SDF forces, which led to the martyrdom of one of their fighters, while 3 other fighters were injured.

The Turkish invasion army launched air raids by UAVs in the west of the Darbasiyah city, targeting the civilian population and the positions of SDF forces. The attacks claimed the life of an SDF fighter and caused material damage to the property of the residents. SDF fighters used their right to legitimate defense in response to the attacks.

Ayn Issa

The Turkish invasion army and allied terrorist factions attacked the villages of Mishrafa and Barbariya supported by armored vehicles and heavy weapons. SDF forces responded to these attacks and a number of mercenaries were killed. The Turkish invasion army carried out airstrikes in the same area, killing two SDF fighters.

SDF concluded that at least 15 mercenaries were killed and two armored vehicles were destroyed during the clashes and attacks in the three regions.

7 SDF fighters were martyred and 10 others injured during the resistance.