SDF announces the outcome of Turkish aggression on November 27

The Turkish regime’s genocidal attacks against North-East Syria in violation of international law continue increasingly, claiming lives of not only civilians but also members of the military forces that have defeated ISIS across the region.

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the balance sheet of Turkish attacks against North-East Syria on November 27, Sunday.

The Turkish occupation continues its aggressions against NE Syria for the eighth day in a row. More than 90 villages and towns were subjected to bombardment by warplanes, artillery, and tanks, the SDF said.

“This aggression confirms the barbaric mentality of the Turkish occupation, which is targeting the populated areas and the livelihood of millions of indigenous people, displacing them from their safe regions where they used to live in dignity,” the SDF statement read.

An additional outcome of November 26, 2022

Al Jazeera Region

Tal Tamir

The villages targeted: Aboush, Sheikh Ali, Dardara, Al-Kuzliya, and Tal Al-Laban.

Weapons used: 10 artillery shells.

Euphrates Region


The villages targeted: Kuran, Khan, Zor Maghar, Buban, and Saftak.

Weapons used: 12 artillery shells and DShK weapons.

Gri Spi / Tal Abyad

The villages targeted: Tal Khan/Abu Nituna and Gri Qartal.

Weapons used: artillery and mortar shells, and DShK weapons.

Ain Isa

The villages targeted: Al-Fatsa, Kureiha, and near Ain Issa silos.

Weapons used: 3 artillery shells and 3 mortar shells.


The villages targeted: Qurt Wiran, Karhuke, Qawkle, al-Jat, Aoun al-Dadat, and al-Hawshariya.

Weapons used: 7 artillery shells and 14 mortar shells.


The countryside of al-Kantari town was targeted by 15 artillery shells.

The outcome of November 27, 2022

Afrin and Al-Shahba Region

The villages and areas of Meng Airport, al-Malikiyah, Maranaz, and Al-Shawargha were subjected to several air raids by Turkish warplanes.

Weapons used: several warplane raids

In addition, the village of Sheikh Issa in Tal Rif’at town was targeted by a UAV strike.

The villages of Ziwan, Khirbet al-Sha’ala, Ain Daqna, Bayloniya, Sheikh Issa, Al-Wardia, Tal al-Madiq, Tal Mayassa, Tal Bineh/Ibbin, Binh/Ibin, Soganake, Ash-Shawargha, Maranaz, Alqmiya, Tat Marrash, al-Malikiyah, Aqiba, al-Ziyarah, and Tanab were targeted with more than 396 artillery shells, 96 mortar shells and explosive bombs.

The brutal shelling resulted in the injury of a 9-year-old child in the  Aqiba village, and in Tannab village, 3 members of the Damascus government forces lost their lives.

Al Jazeera Region

Tal Tamir

The villages targeted: al-Kuzliya, Tal al-Laban, and Tal Tawil

Weapons used: artillery shelling


The villages and towns targeted: Bobi, Nawaita, Rubai’at, and the town of Zarkan.

Weapons used: 37 artillery shells and  DShK weapons.

The town of “Zarkan” was subjected to 3 UAV airstrikes.

In response to these attacks, our forces targeted, with Katyusha rockets and mortar shells, the bases of the occupation and its mercenaries in the villages of “Bab al-Khair, Abdel Hay, and Hamdoush.

Euphrates Region


The villages and towns targeted: Gharib, Qaramog, Jisan, Kuran Khan, kultep, Koreh, Zor Maghar, Daqaqan, Ziyara, Charqli, Jishan, Kanya Korda, Euphrates River, and the town of Al-Shuyoukh Fawqani.

Weapons used: 17 artillery shells, 3 mortar shells, and 7 tank shells, resulted in injuring a child in the village of Zor Maghar.

Gri Spi / Tal Abyad

The villages targeted: Al-Hoshan, Al-Debs, Sayda, Abu Netuna, Kur Hassan, Sulaibiya, Al-Arida, Zenobia, and Ain Issa camp.

Weapons used:  artillery and mortar shells.

Ain Isa

The eastern side of Ain Isa was targeted by 4 artillery shells.


The villages targeted: Al-Jamousiya, Al-Hawshariyya, Al-Dandaniya, Korhuke, and Al-Kawadir.

Weapons used:  16 mortar shells.


Qasr Asma was targeted with artillery shells.