SDF: 3 mercenaries killed, 7 others injured in Ain Issa

SDF responded to the Turkish attacks on Ain Issa region, leaving 3 members of Turkish-backed mercenaries dead and 7 others injured.

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a statement on the latest wave of attacks launched by the invading Turkish state against Ain Issa region in North-East Syria.

The statement said: “The occupying Turkish state has increased its attacks on the countryside of Ain Issa and the villages of Girê Spî. During the attacks, the villages of Al-Hurriya, Khoshan, Al-Khalidiya and the M4 highway were particularly targeted. As part of legitimate defense, our fighters responded to these attacks. As a result, clashes broke out on the Khoshan-Khalidiya line where 3 mercenaries were killed and 7 others were injured. Artillery attack on the region is still continuing.”