Retaliation by YPG leaves 28 Turkey allied gang members dead

YPG fighters carried out a retaliation action against the Turkish state allied gangs’ attack on Efrîn, killing at least 28 gang members.

The gangs allied to the Turkish state increase their attacks on Efrîn every day. YPG fighters carried out an effective retaliation action in Basufane village in Efrîn's Sherawa district against the attacks by Jabhat Al-Nusra and Jabhat Al-Shamiyâ gangs allied to the Turkish state.

The fighters targeted two hills the gangs were stationed in by the Semane Fortress in the retaliation action.

5 gang vehicles were set on fire and two others were destroyed upon impact with landmines laid by the fighters. Several gang members are reported dead in one of the destroyed vehicles, but the actual number is unknown.

Fighters discovered 28 bodies and seized 18 weapons that belonged to gangs.

Afterwards, the gangs bombed the action grounds until the morning with mortars and Howitzers.

YPG commanders stated that detailed information on the retaliation action will be announced later on.