Raqqa People's Municipality starts restoring the city square

The Raqqa People's Municipality is restoring the city square.

Raqqa People's Municipality continues its efforts to rebuild the city within its possibilities since the day it was founded. Every part of the city, whose infrastructure was destroyed when ISIS was installed there after proclaiming it the Caliphat’s capital, is being rebuilt again. The city square, which represents the beating heart of Raqqa, is now being restorated.

Providing information on the restoration, Şelal El Necim, one of the engineers of the Raqqa People's Municipality Development and Planning Bureau, told ANHA news agency: "The restoration project of the city square is one of the most important projects of the People's Municipality. We expect that after the work to be done here and at the El Neim Junction, which is one of the busiest crossroads of the city, the square will regain its old beauty and people could return again to fill it."

Referring to the cost of the project, El Necim stated that the project costs around 50,000 dollars will. Necim added that the project will take 90 days to complete.