People take to the streets demanding freedom for Abdullah Öcalan

People took to the streets demanding freedom for Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The peoples of North and East Syria took to the streets, demanding freedom for Abdullah Öcalan.

People across Kurdistan continue to take to the streets demanding freedom for Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Within the scope of the ‘Time for Freedom’ campaign, several marches were held in Heseke, Washukani Camp, Shadadi, Til Temir, Shehba, Kobane, Çilaxa, Til Birak, Amude, Aleppo, Qamishlo, Girke Lege and Dirbesiye. The marches were attended by thousands of people including representatives of NGOs, political parties and opinion leaders of Arabian tribes. A march was also planned to be held in Zirgan but, the activists cancelled it due to the Turkish state’s bombardment.

In Heseke, the march, promoted by the Revolutionary Youth Movement and Kongreya Star, began at Hemame Junction in the city center and ended at Martyr Serhed Square in the neighbourhood of El-Mufti.

Welîde Botî, a member of Kongreya Star, said: “We will keep our actions going until Leader Abdullah Öcalan is freed. The people of North and East Syria should enhance the struggle and resistance to achieve freedom for Öcalan.”

March to Washukani Camp

Hundreds of Serekaniye residents gathered and marched towards Washukani camp. The activists made a statement demanding freedom for Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The statement read by Nûra Nezîr, a member of Kongreya Star, said: “We launched this campaign 23 years after the international conspiracy carried out against Leader Abdullah Öcalan.”

Til Temir

Residents of Til Temir also held a march followed by a rally in Palestine Street. At the beginning of the demonstration, the activists listened to Leader Öcalan’s analyses on the resistance. Meryem El-Abdullah, a member of Kongreya Star, called for an enhanced struggle to lift the isolation imposed in Imralı and to free Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Shadadi people held a march in the city center. Fatima El-Ewad, a member of the Syrian Future Party, condemned the aggravated isolation of Öcalan and urged the Turkish state to end its vicious policies.

Emîre Sed, a member of Kongreya Star Administration Council, reminded that family and lawyers are denied visits in Imralı, and demanded to receive information about the situation of Leader Abdullah Öcalan.


Hundreds of Dirbesiye residents gathered in front of the Syrian Revolutionary Movement Center and marched towards the district center. Lîlav Hesen, member of Kongreya Star Heseke Coordination, said that the enemies of the Kurdish people physically captured Leader Öcalan but, they could not eliminate the achievements obtained thanks to his thoughts and could not break the organised willpower of the people. She added: “Local people will not remain silent against the invading Turkish state’s attacks. We will struggle until the occupied regions are freed and Leader Öcalan achieves physical freedom.”


Afrin people held a march in Shehba and called for freedom of Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The activists gathered in the village of Til Qirah and marched towards Serdem Camp in the village of Til Susin.
Speaking on behalf of Kongreya Star, Şeziye İbrahim addressed the people in front of Serdem Camp and said: “Until our leader is freed, we will not abandon his struggle line. Freedom of Leader Öcalan means freedom for all the enslaved peoples. We cannot be free without Leader Öcalan.”

Speaking on behalf of Shehba Free Women’s Council, Werde Şêxo said that the thoughts of Öcalan have saved the people from the ideological attacks of the capitalist forces. Underlining that Leader Öcalan’s philosophy enabled women to play a leading role, Werde Şêxo called upon all women to support and enhance the ‘Time for Freedom’ campaign.


Thousands of people gathered at Free Women Square in Kobane and marched towards the Peace Square. Sara Xelîl, a member of Kongreya Star Coordination, said that they will continue their struggle to break the aggravated isolation.


In Qamishlo, thousands of people marched demanding freedom for Abdullah Öcalan.

The march was attended by Kurdish, Arabian, Syriac and Armenian citizens. Thousands of people who came from hundreds of villages and towns affiliated to Qamishlo also attended the march.

Speaking in front of the UN Refugees Representation, Menîce Heyder, member of Qamishlo Kongreya Star Executive Council, said: “The campaign entered its second stage. On this occasion, we salute Leader Öcalan’s resistance in Imralı. At this stage, we will increase our struggle.”

Stating that the campaign echoed across the world, Menîce Heyder continued: “Leader Öcalan paid a lot of attention to women’s issues and struggled for women’s liberation. Therefore, all women in the world are responsible for struggling until Leader Abdullah Öcalan is freed.”


Hundreds of Kurdish, Arabian and Syriac people gathered in front of Kongreya Star Center in Tirbespiye and held a march demanding freedom for Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Speaking on behalf of Kongreya Star, Xermê Elî, underlined that freedom of Leader Öcalan means freedom for the whole society, and added that “the invading Turkish state has been targeting local people in the person of Leader Öcalan.”

Xermê Elî called upon the international community to take immediate action, fulfil their responsibilities, end the isolation imposed on Leader Abdullah Öcalan and stop the Turkish state’s atrocities against the local people.


Dozens of Çilaxa residents gathered at Martyr Mehsûm Junction and marched towards the central bazaar. Making a brief speech at the demonstration, Nezha Seyfudîn said: “Because of the silence of the international community, the Turkish state, in collaboration with the KDP, has been attacking Northern and Eastern Syria as well as South Kurdistan [Bashur]. During these attacks, Turkey used chemical weapons.”

Girke Lege

Girke Lege people held a march from Martyr Xebat Street towards the district center. Îhan Murad addressed the activists saying that “our actions are dependent on the resistance in Imralı. Today, the people of Kurdistan are struggling for their rightful demands. This struggle is growing with the “Time for Freedom” campaign. This is the time for physical freedom of Leader Abdullah Öcalan.”


In Derik, Wesfiye Musa, member of Kongreya Star Derik Administration, addressed the people at the demonstration, and pointed out that women have broken the chains of slavery thanks to Leader Öcalan’s paradigm. She added that “Rojava women struggle for the freedom of Leader Abdullah Öcalan and they will!”

Til Birak

Til Birak people took to the streets and marched towards Martyrs Junction after which they gathered at Firin Junction.

Rusul Hesen, member of Kongreya Star Til Birak Administration Council, recalled the ongoing aggravated isolation imposed on Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the Turkish state’s escalating attacks against the region, and called on the people to unite and struggle in order to lift the isolation in Imralı and block the invasion attacks against the region.


Activists in Amude gathered at Woman Junction and marched towards Martyrs Families Council where Ayşe Mehmûd made a speech on behalf of Kongreya Star, and condemned the international conspiracy against Abdullah Öcalan, saying that “Leader Öcalan has been resisting against all kind of conspiracies of the Turkish state for 22 years. The attacks against North and East Syria have also been the continuation of these conspiracies.”


Thousands of people took to the streets in Aleppo and marched demanding freedom for Abdullah Öcalan.  Fatima Koşan, member of Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafiyah Council, and Cihen Mihemed, a member of Kongreya Star, addressed the people, saying that “Leader Öcalan’s Defences gave women a great chance. Thanks to his philosophy, women have proven themselves in every field. Women should enhance the struggle until the physical freedom of Leader Öcalan is ensured.”