'People should organize themselves according to revolutionary people's war'

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement called attention to the importance of the revolutionary people's war and its success against the attacks of the invading Turkish state and ISIS.

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement organized a seminar to debate the importance of the revolutionary people's war in the Til Hemîs district of Qamishlo Canton under the motto "Lead the freedom war to victory and join the revolutionary people's war".

The seminar was held in the Culture and Art Centre in the district with the participation of dozens of citizens, members of the movement and members of the Young Women's Union.

In a speech during the seminar, an Executive Member of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Hiyal El Xiwêr, said: “The revolutionary people's war is a long-term war. It is based on popular support, self-confidence, and resistance against enemies and attacks.”

El Xiwêr emphasized that this method was very important for the defence and liberation of peoples from slavery, and its success relied on popular endorsement.

El Xiwêr concluded that the people of the region should organize and work according to the revolutionary people's war because of the attacks of the Turkish state and the ongoing ISIS threat.