People protest Turkish state in occupied territories in North-East Syria

There have been violent protests against the Turkish state in the occupied territories in North-East Syria. Turkish soldiers opened fire on demonstrators in Azaz, killing a minor. Many were injured.

While the Turkish state is preparing to expand its occupied territories in North-East Syria and is also prepared to make concessions to the Syrian regime and Iran, instability is growing in the areas already occupied by Turkey.

Cities such as Jarablus, Azaz, Idlib and Mare saw violent protests on Thursday, with people burning Turkish flags and demanding the withdrawal of the Turkish state, chanting "Down with Turkey, down with the regime".

According to the symbols shown, the protesters may be supporters of the "Syrian opposition" used by the Turkish state as a beadle, who are now becoming restless due to a possible Turkish rapprochement with the regime and are taking to the streets together with people dissatisfied with the oppressive regime in the occupied territories. Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu had announced that it was necessary to "come to terms" with the opposition and the Syrian regime. In this way, the Turkish state is trying to come to an agreement with the Assad regime and destroy the autonomous administration in northern and eastern Syria, which is perceived by Ankara and Damascus as a threat to their dictatorial ambitions.

In Azaz, the Turkish army reportedly opened fire on demonstrators, killing a minor and injuring many others. There are renewed calls for protests on Friday. Calls are circulating to take down the Turkish flags in all occupied areas. A Turkish convoy was blocked on the road from Afrin to Azaz.