People of Kobanê: Why is the world silent on Turkey’s crimes?

The people of Kobanê condemned the Turkish state's reduction of the water flow of the Euphrates River and the Syrian government's embargo saying that such practices are special war methods and the will of the people cannot be broken.

While the occupant Turkish state reduces the water flow of the Euphrates River into northern and eastern Syria, the Damascus government blocks basic food delivery to the region. Moreover, the international community remains silent in the face of these crimes. The people of Kobanê say that the Turkish state and the government of Damascus want to crush the will of the people through special war methods.


Mihemed Sadiq Elûş pointed out that the Turkish state wanted to revive the Ottoman state and continued, “Is the Turkish state too strong? Why do other states remain silent about the crimes committed by the Turkish state? Or are they benefiting from these crimes? The Turkish state is fighting the people of the region militarily, politically and by every means. Its hunger policy targeting the peoples of North-East Syria is also linked to this. We want peace. Our children sacrificed their lives to save the world from ISIS. We are fighting for the brotherhood of peoples. But why is the world silent about the crimes of the Turkish state?"

Speaking about the Damascus Government’s policy to close its gates, Mihemed Sadiq Elûş said, “We do not want Syria to be divided. We want to live in safety. However, the Damascus government is closing the gates and blockading the region. It is acting just like the Turkish state.”


A citizen named Mistefa Temo said, “Reducing the Euphrates water flow and closing the gates are crimes against the people of the region. What is being done is neither human nor moral. Those who carry out these policies are completely self-interested. They are trying to tame the people of the region with fear and hunger. They want to break the will of the people. But they will not succeed."


Another citizen by the name of Elî Meşko stressed that reducing the water flow, closing the gates and imposing the embargo conflict with the war ethics. “I condemn the international community's silence on these practices. The international community can put pressure on the Turkish state to stop its crimes. We should also increase our struggle. We must end the silence of the international community”, he said.