Occupation forces set fire to forests in Afrin

The Turkish army and allied mercenaries continue destroying nature in the northern Syrian city of Afrin which they invaded in March 2018.

According to the Human Rights Organisation Afrin-Syria, the Turkish-backed Sultan Murad mercenary group has intentionally set fire to forests in the village of Berava in Afrin’s Shera district. According to the organisation, large areas of forests burned to ashes as a result of the fire.

The Human Rights Organisation Afrin also reported that the Turkish-backed mercenary group called Semerkand has started a seizure and looting campaign under the command of mercenary leader Ebu Cihad who has just returned from Libya. The group is reported to have seized the sumac collected by the people in the villages of Remedan, Ruta, Hec Hesna, Hec Qasi and Dela.