Occupation attacks on Ain Issa region continue

The Turkish army and jihadist mercenaries have intensified their attacks on northern Syria in recent weeks in violation of so-called ceasefire agreements and international law.

The occupant Turkish army and allied mercenaries continue their attacks on the northern Syrian district of Ain Issa.

The occupation forces have launched a wave of attacks last night. The aggression targeted the villages of Misharfa and Janbal and the M4 highway. No information was immediately available regarding the damage caused by the attacks.

Ain Issa has been under daily attack by the Turkish invading forces for weeks. The town lies south of the Turkish occupation zone and is strategically important as a link between the self-governing regions of Euphrates and Cizire.

The attacks are apparently aimed at wearing down the population and driving them to flee before the actual invasion. Many people have already left the town to bring themselves and their children to safety. However, there is no security in other areas in the autonomous region. The reception camps for displaced persons are overcrowded, and the supply situation is precarious. The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria receives almost no external support.