North East Autonomous Administration puts three provinces in lockdown as Covid cases increase

The Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria announced a lockdown in the provinces of Qamishlo, Hesekê and Raqqa due to the increase in coronavirus cases. The lockdown will continue until 12 April.

The Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration issued a statement regarding the coronavirus cases and announced that it has decided to imposed a lockdown on the provinces of Qamishlo, Hesekê and Raqqa.

The Autonomous Administration also announced that it imposed gradual curfews on other provinces in the North and East Syria region.

The statement said that the lockdown is to prevent the increase in coronavirus cases and will last until 12 April

According to the data of the North and East Syria Health Committee, 10,813 people have been infected with coronavirus. While 396 of them died, 1, 334 people recovered.