MSD wrote to UN Guterres and Pederson on Constitutional Committee

"We hope that you will support the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria and contribute to the peace, trust and democracy efforts of the peoples.”

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) wrote an open letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and UN Special Representative for Syria Geir Pederson on the exclusion of representatives of North and East Syria from the Syrian Constitutional Committee.

The letter says:

"The Syrian crisis, in its ninth year, is still going on despite the efforts of the United Nations representatives to break the deadlock and open the way to a solution. The last initiative has been the creation of a constitutional committee established to include participation of three parties but excluding the representatives of the Autonomous Administration, the only regions to resist ISIS and Al-Nusra organizations and those associated with them. 

In addition, this region developed the model needed by Syria and reached peace and stability. With thousands of martyrs, the Syrian Democratic Forces defeated ISIS on the ground. Such terrorist organisations constituted a real epidemic for the whole world, and an unlimited danger. 

The SDF, together with the International Coalition, achieved a victory for humanity and the democratic societies in general. 

The struggle still continue at the same pace until all sources of extremism are drained, its ideology and sleeper cells are uprooted. 

At the same time we continue to reiterate our calls for the unity of Syria and its people. Thanks to this resistance and struggle, a region was established where peace and security prevailed, respecting international laws related to non-interference in the affairs of neighbouring countries. In the region, which constitutes 30 percent of Syria and where more than 5 million people live, there is a civilian administration including all North and East Syrian peoples. 

The region is also home to hundreds of thousands of Syrians who have been forced to migrate due to war and oppression. In addition, the Autonomous Administration also detained approximately 70,000 foreign ISIS mercenaries. This number constitutes a great burden for the Autonomous Administration and a major threat to the region and the world.

Despite all this, we continue to support the political solutions and mechanisms being discussed. We consider it a surprise that the constitutional committee created to draftato the Syrian Constitution do not include any representative from Northern and Eastern Syria. 

The absence of the Syrian Democratic Council and the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria from the committee is a violation of rights. With this decision, 11 thousand martyrs who sacrificed their lives to ensure peace and security in Syria and the world will not be represented in the committee. 

We cannot consider this a fair approach. We see that some of the members of the committee have nothing to do with the solution of the Syrian crisis. 

We, the Arab, Kurdish, Assyrian, Assyrian, Armenian, Circassian and Turkmen peoples do not see this as a well-intentioned approach. It seems that there is no good intention to achieve stability and peace and the unity of Syria.

Some names in the committee do not represent the peoples of the region. Most names are not even known by the peoples of the region, and they have no responsibility in Syria. These names do not have the power to achieve the results the committee aspires to reach.

Mr. Guterres and Mr. Pederson:

We would have hoped that Mr. Pederson would establish a conciliation committee after consulting and holding meetings with all circles in Syria. 

Nevertheless, we still believe that the United Nations and Mr. Pederson will review these approaches. 

We hope that you will support the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria and contribute to the peace, trust and democracy efforts of the peoples.”