Member of the Syriac security forces Sotoro killed in Turkish drone attack in Dêrik

According to the Syriac security forces, a Turkish drone attack on a Sotoro vehicle has killed one of their members.

In Rojava, the Christian minority of the Syriacs has its own security force, the Sotoro, in accordance with the model of pluralistic, grassroots self-government. They are part of the general internal security forces. According to the Sotoro Command, its member Ibrahim Bassam Mikhail was killed in a Turkish drone attack near Dêrik in the line of duty on 12 October. Accordingly, a Turkish killer drone targeted the vehicle Mikhail was travelling in near the Newroz refugee camp in the north-east of the city.

"The incessant attacks of the Turkish occupying state on our territories and forces are the result of the silence of the guarantor powers of the ceasefire and the international community. We honour the sacrifices of our martyrs and will follow their path. We reaffirm that we remain committed to preserving security and peace in our territories," Sotoro said.