Make Rojava Green Again supports Long March

Hundreds of internationalists gathered in Geneva to join the Long March that will kick off tomorrow. Make Rojava Green Again called on ecological activists to attend the march.

Make Rojava Green Again called on ecological activists to support the Long March that will kick off on 6 February.

In Geneva, as a prologue to the Long March, there will be a conference tomorrow, Monday.

Make Rojava Green Again said: "Hundreds of internationalists gathered today in Geneva to protest against the isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan on the prison island of Imrali and in defence of the Kurdish people."

The ecological group added that "as social ecology is an important part of democratic confederalism, ecological activists need to stand in solidarity with Abdullah Öcalan, protest for his freedom and make his struggle their own."

The Long March

Around 150-160 people from Germany, France, Italy, Latin America, England, Eastern Europe, Africa and Australia will be participating in this year’s march.

As one internationalist told ANF a few days ago, "we will hold a conference on Öcalan in Geneva on February 5. Öcalan represents the reality of Kurdistan. At this conference, we will talk about Öcalan’s paradigm, his fellowship with women, and the isolation system in the Imrali prison with the participation of his lawyers. Also, lawyers from the International Delegation Against Isolation, who have visited Turkey in the past few days, will talk about their observations. We will also discuss the position of the Kurdish freedom struggle in the world and the current political developments. The groups participating in the march will give information about the struggles in their own countries. The conference will conclude with the screening of the Kobanê movie. There will also be separate events during the march. The latest developments will be discussed through online meetings from Rojava.