Long March for Öcalan’s freedom continues in Germany on day three

The Long March demanding the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan started on its third day in Stuttgart, Germany, as part of the "Werin Cenga Azadiyê" campaign.

The Long March, organized annually to demand the physical freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, continues this year with two separate groups.

The Long March is organized by Kurdish youth in Germany and internationalist youth in Switzerland. This year’s Long March is carried out in Germany under the motto “We Will Secure the Physical Freedom of Öcalan in the Year of Victory in 2023.”

The third day of the long march kicked off from the Stadtgarten Square in Stuttgart. The activists gathered there at 09:00 and marched towards the city centre of Böblingen. They will cover approximately 18 kilometres during the day to arrive at the Democratic Kurdish Community Centre in Böblingen in the evening.

The activists will have marched a total of 54 kilometres at the end of the day.

The activists’ daily planning is as follows:

“On day 4, the activists will meet at EskaterPark in Reutlingen, Germany at 09:00 and walk 5 km into the city centre of Reutlingen. They will hold a rally in Holzmart at around 17:00 in the evening. From there, they will march to the house where Martyr Sara Dorşîn stayed.

On day 5, the activists will march from Offenburg city centre to Lahr city centre. They will meet for a seminar in Lahr.

On day 6, the activists will gather in the city centre of Freiburg at 09:00 and will march through the busiest streets in the city centre. In the evening, they will participate in the "Young Woman" seminar at DKTM in Freiburg.

On day 7, the activists who will start marching from Heilbronn, Germany, and unite with internationalist activists marching from Switzerland in Strasbourg. All the participants of the two marches will then hold the central march which will be attended by tens of thousands of people.