Kobane people take to streets: “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan!”

Kobane people took to the streets with the slogan “Time for Freedom for Leader Abdullah Öcalan”.

The North-East Syrian women’s umbrella organization Kongreya Star today organised a protest march in Kobane under the slogan “Time for Freedom for Leader Abdullah Öcalan”. The action was joined by residents of hundreds of neighbourhoods in Sheran district located 4 km east of Kobane and members of the local councils.

Isolation imposed on humanity

Addressing the crowd, Latîfe Silêman, vice co-chair of Sheran District Council, expressed that they will keep their struggle going for the physical freedom of the Kurdish leader.

“The aggravated isolation imposed on Leader Abdullah Öcalan is an isolation imposed on humanity,” said Latîfe Silêman, calling for Öcalan’s immediate release.

‘We condemn the betrayers’

Indicating Turkey’s increasingly ongoing attacks on South Kurdistan (North Iraq), Silêman added, “We condemn the betrayers who deny the use of chemical weapons in Medya Defense Zones. The attacks against Kurdistan and the Kurdish people are part of the international conspiracy.”

The activist emphasized that the Turkish state will never succeed in severing the ties between Abdullah Öcalan, the guerrillas and the people.