Kino Gabriel: We are committed to legitimate self-defense

Kino Gabriel affirmed that their forces are committed to the right to legitimate defense and response to the attacks on the region, and refuted the allegations about handing Ain Issa district to the Syrian government.

Despite the conclusion of two ceasefire agreements in the regions of northern and eastern Syria following the Turkish occupation state’s attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria on October 9, 2019, the first between the United States and Turkey on October 17, and the second on the 22 of the same month between Turkey and Russia; however, Turkey has not committed to the ceasefire process, and is still continuing its attacks on the region, while Russia and America are watching from a distance.

Since Thursday, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have launched intense attacks on Ain Issa and its villages. In this context, the official spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces, Kino Gabriel, spoke to ANHA, and explained that Turkey, through its continuous attacks, “wants to impose a different reality or force the SDF and Russian forces to change of their concentration, in addition to gaining new control over the land."

Our forces responded to all occupation’s attack, thwarted their plans

Gabriel confirmed that their forces responded to all the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and thwarted the Turkish plans, and said: "Turkey's plans are clear regarding northern Syria, and this is what we have seen in previous years, by launching attacks against the Autonomous Administration areas."

On the position of the guarantor countries, Russia and America, towards the Turkish attacks, Gabriel explained that: "Turkey and its mercenaries’ attacks and attempts are completely rejected, but the official position of the guarantor countries is influenced by interests between the international powers and Turkey as regional powers. He added: "This matter is not strange and we have seen it during the various years of the conflict, and we must not wait for something different."

“We are committed to legitimate defense”

The official spokesperson for the Syrian Democratic Forces confirmed that their forces are committed to the agreements that were concluded and to the ceasefire process, but he said: “We are also committed to our right to defend ourselves and respond to the attacks on the region, and the other forces that concluded the agreements must respond to the violations that have been committed.”

Kino Gabriel refuted what some forces claim of a recent agreement on December 9 between the Syrian Democratic Forces, Russian forces and the Syrian government forces, which included the formation of 3 observation points in Ain Issa district, that the SDF will hand over the area to the Syrian government, and said: “No, there is no such a thing, had there been, we would officially have announced it."

In the conclusion of his speech, Kino Gabriel confirmed that Turkey continues its threats, and this is part of its policies in the region and the Middle East in general.