Internal Security Forces members buried in Manbij

Internal Security Forces members Omer Nayif El Heman and Ebdu El Xelef were buried in Manbij.

Homeland Security Forces members Omer Nayif El Heman and Ebdu El Xelef, who fell martyrs while on duty, were buried in Manbij.

Manbij Internal Security Forces members, Manbij Military Council fighters, representatives of political parties, tribes, civil society organizations and Manbij Democratic Civil Administration institutions and dozens of people attended the ceremony carried out for the martyrs.

The crowd, who took the body in front of the Fırat Hospital, set out for the Manbij Martyrdom.

Representatives of the various institutions addressed the crowd at the cemetery and said that the martyrs were shields to protect the gains of the revolution.

Internal Security Forces Officer Ehmed Xelef said: “We bow before our martyrs who gave their lives to defend their country."

Martyr Families Council member Mihemed El Xelef said: “Today we are planting two jasmines for our martyrs."

At the ceremony, the identity of two SDF and Manbij Military Council members, Rengîn Nûh and Haron Lêlon, who fell martyrs in Manbij in 2019, were announced.