HRE hit occupation forces in Afrin, Azaz and Shehba

Actions by HRE units left many mercenaries dead.

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) released a statement announcing continued actions against the Turkish army and allied mercenaries in northern Syria.

The details of a series of actions carried out by HRE fighters in Afrin, Shehba and Azaz regions on October 10, 2019 are as follows;

“A sabotage action by our units targeted the occupation forces in the village of Meryemin in Afrin’s Shera district in the evening. Two terrorists were killed here.

A mercenary responsible for the security council of the so-called military police affiliated with the Turkish army was targeted and killed near the village of Jarez in Azaz region.

HRE fighters hit a military base area of the Turkish army in the vicinity of Til Medîq and Semûqa villages in Shehba region in the evening hours. Two commanders of the Turkish army were killed here.

On the other hand, HRE units targeted the Turkish-backed mercenaries in the viicnity of the Til Malid village in Mare region. The results of the action couldn’t be clarified.

HRE stated that the Turkish army and allied mercenaries heavily shelled civilian settlements after the actions by their fighters. These bombardments targeted;

- the villages of Başemrê, Kilûtê, Birc Qasê, Gundê Mezin, Soxanekê and Benê in Afrin’s Sherawa district,

- the villages of Merenaz, Malikiyê and Şewarixa in Afrin’s Shera district,

- the villages of Hirbil, Til Medîq and Semûqa in Shehba region and the Shehba Dam.