HRE Commander: "Our present to the martyrs and the people of Afrin will be freedom"

One of the HRE's commanders, Şiyar Deniz, vowed to inflict severe blows on the invading Turkish army, saying, "We believe we will triumph, the invaders will be defeated, and Afrin will be liberated."

The Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) Command shared a video with ANHA that included current evaluations of HRE commander Şiyar Deniz's forces for Afrin’s liberation.

Commemorating those who were martyred in the fight against the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries in the first and second stages of the Resistance of the Age, the HRE commander said: "We offer our condolences to the families of the martyrs, and we promise that we will follow the martyrs until their dreams come true."


Noting that it has been 5 years since the Turkish state and its mercenaries occupied Afrin, Deniz continued: “This invasion occurred in full view of the entire globe, particularly at the start of the attack and conflict. The cruelty of the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries was witnessed by the entire world. They unleashed an uneven war on Afrin's people and geography. The people of Afrin, on the other hand, drowned out the sounds of the enemy's missiles with the cry of resistance, and the entire world heard the voice of the Resistance of the Age.”


Referring to the struggle of the people of Afrin against the invaders, Deniz said: “The people of Afrin withstood NATO's second-largest force with modern weapons and technology with limited resources. They stood up against this crime, drawing courage from the leader.”

Pointing to the cultural exploitation in Afrin, Deniz said, "In the fifth year of the occupation, the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries intend to change Afrin's demographic structure by destroying history and ruins, abducting and murdering inhabitants."


Şiyar Deniz continued his speech as follows: “As Afrin's children, we will defeat the new Ottoman project through the resistance of our people in the Shehba region, as well as particular actions carried out throughout the region against the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries. This is something we want to convey to our people. We have been fighting within the framework of the Resistance of the Age since the day Afrin was invaded."


Emphasizing that Afrin will be freed from the invading Turkish army, Deniz said, “This is something our people should believe. Our forces are pursuing the headquarters of the invading Turkish army in order to deal significant blows to the enemy.”

Noting that Afrin was not only occupied militarily, Deniz said that Afrin was also occupied in terms of culture and history, and continued: "This was accomplished through a variety of illegal methods, including the destruction and usurpation of historical ruins, the forced use of the Turkish language, and the abduction and murder of citizens. The invading Turkish state wishes to weaken the HRE by burning forests and felling trees, which it regards as the HRE's hideout.

As the HRE, we are expanding our resistance to the crimes committed by the invading Turkish state. We are willing to make any sacrifice for the freedom of Afrin."


Addressing the citizens staying in Afrin, Şiyar Deniz said, "As much as you can, assist the HRE in defeating the invaders, liberating Afrin, and ensuring the safe return of our people."

Demanding that everyone who considers himself patriotic be partner with the HRE forces and not be deceived by the rhetoric of the enemy, Deniz said, “We have complete faith in our people. They are always willing to help their children (HRE fighters).”

Drawing attention to the actions they took against the enemy, Deniz said: "For the past five years, we have carried out special operations in Afrin against the headquarters of the invading Turkish army and mercenaries. Great blows were delivered to the enemy during these actions. However, the invaders are trying to hide their defeat from the rest of the world and the people of Turkey.”

Stating that they always try to harm the enemy, Deniz added, "We own this territory, and we are determined to destroy the enemy."


Regarding the recent actions of the HRE forces against the invaders, Deniz said: “Recently, our forces conducted special operations against the invaders in Marê, Afrin, and other areas. We are in a position that the enemy cannot predict. The Turkish invaders should be aware that they do not possess these regions and have no right to be in Afrin. These lands belong to the people of Afrin. Invaders will be punished everywhere.”     

Deniz stressed that every invader is a target for their forces and that they will not allow the new Ottoman project to succeed and the enemy to act soundly.

Greeting the people of Afrin who have been resisting in Shehba Camp despite all the difficulties and obstacles, Deniz ended his speech with the following words: “To achieve the greatest victory, we will inflict the greatest blows on the enemy. We are confident that we will win, defeat the enemy, and free Efrin. We will make certain that all IDPs return to their homes and regions. Our present to the martyrs and the people of Afrin will be freedom.”