Hesen Koçer: Only through dialogue we can achieve a solution to the Syrian crisis

Speaking about the possible dialogue between the Damascus government and the Autonomous Administration, Hesen Koçer said: "The recognition of the Autonomous Administration and the acceptance of the SDF's status are issues beyond discussion."

A crowded meeting was held by the Tabqa Martyrs' Families Council with the participation of the Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor, Manbij and Kobanê Martyrs' Families Councils and the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration, as well as the Tabqa Civil Administration. During the meeting, the latest political developments in the region and possible dialogue with the Damascus government were discussed.

The meeting held at Tabqa Culture and Art Center began with a minute’s silence. Posters of Önder Öcalan were hung in the hall where the meeting was held.

Hesen Koçer, co-chair of the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration Executive Council, evaluated the political developments in the region. He spoke about the discussions about establishing a common forum for the solution to the Syrian crisis and said: “Foreign powers do not want the Syrian crisis to be resolved. Their sole purpose is to achieve their interests. They are directing the negotiations to solve the crisis according to their own policies."

Evaluating the Turkish state's policy towards the region, Koçer said: "The Turkish state is trying to avenge ISIS. It lost because of the resistance of the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria. The purpose of the agreement signed between KDP, ISIS and the Turkish state in 2014 was to divide the lands of Northern and Eastern Syria among themselves."

Answering to the claims that the areas held by the SDF will be left to the Damascus government, Koçer said: "We won’t accept the presence of any military force that will represent the Damascus government in our regions. The government of Damascus wants to go back to before 2011."

Hesen Koçer added: "Our priority in a possible meeting with Damascus will be the recognition of the Autonomous Administration and the status of the SDF. The SDF is a part of the Syrian army with its unique characteristics. These two issues are beyond discussion."

At the end of his speech, Hesen Koçer reiterated that the solution to the Syrian crisis can be achieved through dialogue.