Four more people kidnapped in Afrin

The Turkish state kidnapped four more people in Afrin and its districts. Their fate is unknown.

According to the information received, the paramilitary crime apparatus "Military Police" established by the Turkish state in their occupied areas kidnapped a citizen named Farûq Ebdo Mihemed in the village of Emara in Afrin's Mabeta district.

While Ebdo Mihemed was taken to the district center of Mabeta, a ransom was demanded from his family for his release.

The same gang structure kidnapped a citizen named Reşid Ekaş in the village of Dêr Siwan in Shera district.

The "Civil Police", working under the Turkish state's criminal organization MIT, also kidnapped Zûhêr Bêrqdar (born in Afrin in 1987) and Xelef Cuma El Ehmed (born in the village of Merwaniyê in 1988). The fate of the abducted is unknown.

The Turkish state systematically commits war crimes in the occupied territories.

Crimes such as kidnapping, execution, torture, ransom, looting and extortion are committed on a daily basis.