Families of martyrs: We do not need any guarantor that doesn’t play its role

Families of martyrs in Raqqa and Manbij condemned the Turkish attacks against North and East Syria, stating that they do not need or want the existence of any external force in the region, which remains silent in the face of the attacks.

The invading Turkish state is continuing its hostile attacks against the peoples of North and East Syria. Most recently, Turkey claimed the lives of a large number of civilians through attacks with armed unmanned aerial vehicles (SIHA).

Families of martyrs in Raqqa and Manbij spoke to ANHA about the ever-increasing attacks and expressed their objection to the so-called guarantors that maintain their silence as the Turkish state forces and allied mercenaries continue committing crimes in the region.

İbtisam El Ehmed, co-chair of the Council of Martyrs’ Families in Kerame town of Raqqa, said, “We, as martyrs’ families, condemn all the attacks that seek to disturb peace and security in our region. Kobane became the symbolic city for our victory. We will defend every inch of the North and East Syrian lands. Russia, which claims to be respecting the ceasefire signed in North and East Syria, has not taken a stance against the attacks. We do not want the existence of any force in our lands that does not play its role.”

‘Turkey wants to avenge ISIS’

Etab El Ehmed, a member of the Council of Martyrs’ Families, said, “The Turkish state’s attacks on Kobane coincided with the 4th anniversary of the liberation of Raqqa from ISIS. This is intentional. Turkey wants to avenge ISIS. The international community should take a clear stance against these attacks.”

‘We paid heavy prices to free this land’

Mehmud El Ido, father of another martyr, said, “My son Mutesim fell in the fight for the liberation of Raqqa. The Turkish state attacked our land under the guise of “counter terrorism”, which was a great lie. We paid heavy prices to eliminate terrorism, and many fell as martyrs for this land which belongs to us. Either we lead an honourable life, or we die in an honourable way.”

“No one can threaten us. We have struggled selflessly to defend our land, and will continue our struggle until our last breath. We have not attacked anyone but we will defend ourselves against any attack that is directed against our territories,” Ido added.