Dengê Jiyanê Radio begins broadcast in Northern Syria

The new radio will promote the democratic nation values and principles.

Dengê Jiyanê (The Voice of Life) radio has begun broadcasting on Wednesday.

The radio started its broadcasting test on 15 July as part of the Free Press activities. With a team of 13 reporters and a correspondent network within Northern Syria, Dengê Jiyanê is a new voice within the Democratic Nation Project.

The radio will broadcast programs related to and promoting the democratic nation and common life principles and aims to reach all the peoples of Northern Syria.

Dengê Jiyanê will broadcast between 7 am and 7 pm every day. The radio executives said that they hope to turn the 12 hours broadcast into a round the clock broadcast soon.

The radio offers a choice of 15 programs addressing political, cultural, social, service, folklore and economic issues.

Program hosts will emphasize the cultural variety and unicity of Northern Syria in their broadcast.

Dengê Jiyanê radio will also broadcast three news bulletins throughout the day. In addition, special reports and files prepared by radio reporters will be published.

Dengê Jiyanê radio can be found on FM band in Northern Syria, on 106.5 MHz.