Clashes between the Internal Security Forces and regime-loyal NDF continue in Qamishlo

The clashes between the Autonomous Administration internal security forces and the regime-loyal NDF in Qamishlo continued through the morning.

On Tuesday night around 10 pm, units of the regime-loyal militia Difa al-Watani (NDF- National Defense Forces) attacked a checkpoint controlled by the Autonomous Administration security forces at an intersection in the city center. The internal security forces returned fire and fierce clashes broke out in the inner city area. The Autonomous Administration sent the special forces HAT (Hêzên Antî Teror) into action. Casualties are reported on both sides. The internal security forces confirm that one of their fighters fell a martyr in the night attack.

After a short break between 2 and 3 am, clashes resumed. Heavy weapons, including RPG rocket launchers, have been used. Even mortars are now being used by the regime troops in the urban area. The internal security forces respond to the attacks with guns mounted on armoured vehicles and took position on the roofs of houses.