Belgian delegation continues its visit in North East Syria

The delegation of the Belgian Federal Parliament has visited the Jazira Region Autonomous Administration Executive Council. The delegation members declared their support for the Autonomous Administration project.

The delegation of the Belgian Federal Parliament continues its visit in North and East Syria. They paid a visit to the building of the Jazira Region Autonomous Administration Executive Council in Amûdê.

The delegation is made up of deputies George Dalman and Koen Metsu, Philippe Vansteenkiste, chairman of Victims Europe, a non-profit organization that campaigns for the rights of victims of terrorism, Rudi Melek from the "Network of Associations of Victims of Terrorism" (NAVT), the international cooperation of organizations on the subject of terror with the aim of representing victims' interests at the level of the European Union; Heidi De Pauw, chairwoman of the “Child Focus” foundation.

Speaking to ANHA after the meeting, Jazira Region Executive Council co-chair Nezîra Gewriyê said that they discussed the situation in the security, economy and service activities in North and East Syria, especially in the Jazira Region, with the delegation.

Gewriyê said that the Belgian delegation declared their support for the projects of Autonomous Administration of the peoples and democracy, and added that the delegation promised to give political and economic support to the region.

Gewriyê added: “The Belgian delegation follows the developments in the region. They are in constant communication with the representatives of the people of the region and discussing how they can support the Autonomous Administration.”

The Belgian delegation had previously visited the Waşokani camp, where thousands of refugees from Serekaniye live after being forced to flee their houses, following the Turkish invasion, in October 2019.

During the visit, the delegation met with the camp management. Rojaht Eli, the North and East Syria Camps manager, said: “Waşokani camp was established with the contributions and assistance of the Autonomous Administration. No international institution has helped us.”

Eli continued: “Refugees staying in Waşokani fought with the International Coalition Forces against ISIS mercenaries. But international organizations did not help them."

Stating that there are thousands of ISIS families and children in Hol and Roj camps and noting that more than 34 international aid organizations have helped them, Eli said: "There are thousands of refugees fleeing the brutality of the Turkish occupation and no humanitarian aid organization in doing anything for them."

At the end of his speech, Eli reminded that the only wish of the refugees was to return to their homes. Eli said that the refugees demand the removal of the Turkish state and its mercenaries from their lands.

Speaking about the purpose of the visit, deputy George Dalmani said: "Our aim is to convey the message of the people of North and East Syria and the refugees to the Belgian government and the EU.”