Damascus militias kill Bani Seba tribe's leader

Hayis al-Ciriyan, one of the wise leaders of the Bani Seba tribe, was targeted after attending the meeting held to stop the attacks of the Difaa al-Watani group against the Internal Security Forces.

According to the information received from the region, Hayis al-Ciriyan, one of the opinion leaders of the Bani Saba tribe, was targeted after the meeting with the Difaa al-Watani group, linked to the Damascus government. The meeting was held to stop the group’s attack on the Internal Security Forces and civilians in Qamishlo.

Sources noted that Hayis al-Ciriyan was shot three times in front of his home near Watani Hospital, which is under the control of Difaa al-Watani. Al-Ciriyan, who was taken to the hospital, lost his life on Friday morning.

Hayis al-Ciriyan, who supported the idea of ​​a democratic nation and called for unity at every opportunity, said that the people should stay away from rioting. At the same time, many of Hayis al-Ciriyan's sons are in the Internal Security Forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).