Autonomous Administration provides aid packages for 500,000 families in the Jazira region

The economic crisis is deepening in Northern and Eastern Syria and the Autonomous Administration distributes 500,000 aid packages to families in the Jazira region.

Since its establishment in 2014, the Northern and Eastern Syrian Autonomous Administration has helped families in poor financial conditions. The Community Affairs Committee under the Autonomous Administration distributes aid packages to families in need.

The co-chair of the Council of Qamishlo Canton, Perwin Yusif told ANHA: “The coronavirus is spreading rapidly. The lockdown was imposed to try and contain it. We have began distributing aid packages to families in poor economic conditions. We will distribute 500,000 aid packages in the Jazira Region. We reserved 250,000 packages to Hesekê and 250,000 to Qamishlo. We distribute the aid through the parliament, communes and institutions. Families with good economic conditions and some institutions provide help to ease the burden of families with less income.”

Perwin Yusif emphasized that the aid in Qamishlo is needed after the attacks of the Difa al Watani mercenaries, and that the distribution will start in the coming days.

Yusif said that “each package corresponds to 75,000 Syrian pounds and includes sugar and daily products. This year, the desired results in agriculture were not obtained. The Caesar Laws are still in effect. The price of everything has doubled. That's why solidarity is important.”