‘Autonomous Administration is the only alternative project for Syria’

Mihemed Biniyan stated that the Autonomous Administration project is the only alternative model for Syria, saying, “The Autonomous Administration advocates unity of Syria. It only struggles against the occupiers.”


The Autonomous Administration system which has been developed as an alternative against centralised state system in 2014 and has organised in separate regions, declared its governance as the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria on 6 October 2018.


Mihemed Biniyan, chair of National Arab Committee said, “The Autonomous Administration is based on the peoples’ self-governance.” He stated that this system will stand for a pioneer example for the whole world.


Mihemed Biniyan who has taken place in the constitution process of the Autonomous Administration said, “When the gangs attempted to penetrate our lands in the guise of fighting the Damascus government, the Autonomous Administration was declared. In the region, there were serious security and infrastructure problems. The peoples all together created an alternative, and we overcame all problems.  This system constituted in the region does not aim disintegration of Syria. On the contrary, we even fought against the gangs targeting the unity of the country. We also did not accept any country to put pressure on us and we disapprove the existence of foreign forces such as Russia and the USA in the region.”


Expressing that the Autonomous Administration stands for a serious alternative with its struggle against the gangs, effective public services and guardiancy of peace in the region, Biniyan continued, “The Autonomous Administration is based on the peoples’ self-governance. We advocate the territorial unity of Syria. The Syrian flag represents us. We seek for a democratic, free and decentralised Syria. According to us, Syria is a whole stretching from Tigris to Tabaria. We have not presented any project to the Damascus government, yet. The channels for dialog must be open and it is necessary to make a constitution adresses all Syrians. We hope that the democracy in Syria ill set an example to the whole world.”

Stressing that Damascus government should adopt the Autonomous Administration model which is the sole alternative for Syria, he continued, “All peoples should enjoy an equal co-existence. Syria’s richness should come to the forefront. We are not obsessed with how the project is called. What is important is to consider everyone as equal. This is why the Damascus government should establish a dialogue with the Autonomous Administration.”


Chair of National Arab Committee Biniyan recalled the negotiation held in Khmeimim Air Base and said, “A group came there to purportedly represent the Kurds but actually did not hold representation as the Autonomous Administration. In order for a solution to be achieved, the Autonomous Administration should be invited to talks and necessary discussions should be organised. The most realistic solution model for Syria is the Autonomous Administration. The Autonomous Administration has never caused a threat against Damascus government. On the contrary, it strengthens the Damascus government and defines itself as a part of Syria.”


Noting that the Turkey treats the Autonomous Administration as an enemy, Biniyan told, “The Turkish state treats the Autonomous Administration as a threat for itself. They beware that this project could also be constructed in Turkey. The Turkish state intends to benefit from some opinion leaders to get support from European countries. Some people defining themselves as opinion leaders get deceived by the Turkish state. Those people never represent Arab peoples and tribes. Turkey strives to simulate them as prominent figures. However, the Autonomous Administration has frustrated all vicious plans.”