Anwar Muslim: Occupied territories in NE Syria are Turkified

Anwar Muslim stated that the Turkish occupation state was one of the countries that fueled the conflict in Syria, occupied several regions, and began to Turkify them by imposing its language and currency by force.

Within the framework of the campaign "Stop Isolation, Fascism and Occupation - Time for Freedom", the Democratic Union Party (PYD) organized two large meetings in the districts of Tirbespiyê and Tel Barak, during which it explained the political situation and the latest developments in the region.


Abdul Karim Saroukhan, a member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), spoke during the meeting that was held in Roj Hall in Tirbespiyê district.

Saroukhan explained that the Middle East region is going through a sensitive phase, which is an international stage of conflict, and the peoples of the region must protect the gains of the revolution that were made thanks to the sacriifices of thousands of martyrs.

Sarukhan touched on the issue of Kurdish national unity, stating that the aim is to unify the Kurdish forces and confront Turkish ambitions in the region. He said, "Achieving Kurdish national unity will have positive results on the Kurdish issue and on the rest of the components in the region."

Saroukhan stressed that the Kurdish-Arab unity thwarted the plans of the forces that were trying to sow discord in the region, emphasizing that the components of the region and their unity deterred all the attacks that the region was subjected to.

Tel Barak

In Tel Barak district, the meeting was organized in the hall of the district council, attended by the co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, Anwar Muslim, and dozens of local tribesmen and notables.

Speaking during the meeting, Anwar Muslim stated that the people of the northern and eastern regions of Syria were the advocates of freedom, peace and equality, and defended the region's soil valiantly. He pointed out that the intervention of regional countries fueled the conflict in Syria, and that the Syrian government did not have any serious vision to solve the Syrian crisis.

Muslim noted that the countries interfering in the Syrian affairs do not have any interest in resolving the Syrian crisis, led by America and Russia.

Anwar Muslim remarked that the Turkish occupation state is one of the countries that fueled the conflict in Syria, occupied several regions, began to Turkify the areas it occupied by forcibly imposing its language and currency, in addition to sending the youth of those areas to Libya and Azerbaijan to fight as mercenaries.