Afrin IDPs in Shehba protest Turkish attacks on guerrilla areas

Hundreds of people from Afrin, who were forced to move to Shehba after Turkey’s invasion of their home, took to the streets to denounce Turkey’s genocidal attacks in various parts of Kurdistan.

Afrin people living in Shehba staged a march in protest at Turkey’s attacks on guerrilla-controlled Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

Thousands of IDPs joined the march in the village of Kefer Naya against the Turkish state’s occupation attacks against Medya Defense Zones ongoing since April 23, and the systematic war crimes committed in North and East Syria.

The crowd chanted the slogan “We will end Turkish occupation in the spirit of Gare resistance”.

Speaking here, women’s movement Kongreya Star member Rihab Cibu saluted the guerrilla resistance in the regions of Zap, Metina and Avashin.

Pointing to the occupation and war crimes in North-East Syria, Cibu said, “Let the occupant Turkish state, its mercenaries and their supporters know that history will always remember those who resisted ISIS terror in the name of humanity. The Turkish state’s dirty policies are directed against not only the Kurds but all the peoples in North and East Syria.”