Afrin and Shehba attacked 8,992 times in 2023

The occupying Turkish state and its mercenary allies attacked the Afrin and Shehba regions 8,992 times in 2023, rendering 11 villages uninhabitable.

The Press Centre of Shehba Defence Forces published the balance sheet of the attacks carried out by the occupying Turkish state and allied mercenaries against Afrin and Shehba regions throughout 2023.

According to the balance sheet, the occupying Turkish state and its mercenaries attacked Afrin and Shehba regions with howitzers, mortars, tanks, missiles, grenade launchers, armed drones and kamikaze drones 8,992 times between January and December 2023. 

15 soldiers of the Damascus government killed

One citizen was martyred and 13 others were wounded in the attacks, which also left 15 soldiers of the Damascus government dead and 79 others wounded.

11 villages destroyed

In the balance sheet, it was stated that 11 villages were completely destroyed and became uninhabitable and no one was left.

The destroyed villages

The villages of Merenaz, Malikiyê, Şêwarqa and Tat Maraş in Shera district of Afrin.

The villages of Miniq, Eyn Deqnê, Belûniyê, Hirbil, Simuqa, Til Cîcan and Til Medîq in Shehba.