Suspicious fires in Cizire region: 4.175 hectares burned down

A total of 4.175 hectares of cultivated land has burned down in suspicious fires in the Cizire region with the coming of the harvest season.

With the coming of the harvest season in Northern and Eastern Syria, suspicious fires have started to break out in the barley and wheat fields.

There are fires breaking out in different locations almost every day, and the firefighters are vigilant in intervening with the fires.

Firefighters work around the clock in the Cizire region where the fires are focused, and the Autonomous Administration is taking precautions.

In a previous statement, the Emergency Committee had asked the region’s residents to protect their fields as the fires could have been set on purpose. ISIS gangs issued a statement on their website and assumed responsibility for the fires.

There have been 32 fires in the Tilhemis district to date, which burned down 350 hectares of land.

The regions where the fires broke out were: El Sherqiye, Um El Qura, Xesan and El Qeyrewan villages in Ebu Jirin, El Hibis, Akaz El Sherqiye, El Hishi, El Damirci, El Naam, El Hemdo, El Xewla and El Hidibiye villages in Akaz, El Betshan, Hiraqin, Saliya El Xatuniya, El Sikirat and Lihya Amo towns in Til Ehmed, Kalwat, El Henwa, Xerbi Sewaa, Kehreb station and El Hesewiya villages in Til Hemis and Zibeda, Akasha, Mezraa El Zeqa and Filistina El Xerbi villages in the Jazaa district.

26 fires broke out in Til Birak and the fires burned down 425 hectares of land.

The areas where the fires broke out were: Nasiriye, El Sibex and El Aadliye villages in El Sibex, Til Azan village and Simehan in Xerbiye, as well as El Jesaa. Til Beri, Til Shemis and Til Zibe villages in the Til Hemdi distric, Til Birak, Um Hecer, Recim El Tifehi, Hedaj, El Werdiye and Misliye Sekman El Ali villages to the south of Til Birek and El Text, El Kaxerta, Kosho, El Nifayat and Ebu Arzele.

11 fires broke out in  Tirbespiye and burned down 500 hectares of land. The fires broke out in El Shelhomiye, Jilika, Farisok, Um Izam El Hires, Hilewiye, Mihemed Diyab, El Silokiye, Atewiye, Mircane and Bezuna villages.