SDF freed 3 Yazidi children from ISIS

SDF fighters have freed 3 Yazidi children who had been abducted by ISIS from Shengal in 2014.

A refugee group of 800 people who were evacuated from ISIS occupied area in Baghouz have reached the Hawl Camp in Heseke. It came out that the freed civilians include 3 Yazidi children from Shengal who had been abducted by ISIS during the genocidal onslaught on the Yazidi town in August, 2014.

The rescued Yazidi children are 11-year-old Samir Xidir, 9-year-old Zinar Eto and 10-year-old Hediye Mihsin.

While Samir and Hediye are in good state of health, Zinar has been taken under treatment at the Hikmê Hospital in Heseke.

Yazidi House administrators who came to the camp for the three children have put them under their protection. North and East Syria Yazidi Affairs Administration official Mehmûd Memî stated that the three children will be reunited with their families in Shengal.