People of Qamishlo take to the streets against Turkish invasion

Protests against Turkish invasion attacks against Kurdistan continue.

Residents of the Qamishlo city in the Federation of North-East Syria staged a demonstration in protest at the Turkish state’s attacks against South Kurdistan and the invasion wall built around Afrin.

The demo which was promoted by Qamishlo Popular Assemblies and women’s movement Kongreya Star started at Osman Sabri Square this morning. People of the city condemned Turkish attacks against guerrilla zones in northern Iraq and the wall Turkey has been building around the occupied Afrin city.

As part of the demonstration held under the motto “We will stop Turkish invasion with the spirit of resistance, and liberate Afrin and Bradost”, the crowd marched up to the Martyr Rubar Qamishlo Square, chanting slogans that praised the resistance of Afrin, Imralı and the guerrilla.

At the Martyr Rubar Qamishlo Square where the march ended, Kongreya-Star official Şemsihan Gulo held a speech after a minute’s silence.

Gulo said the following; “We, as the families of martyrs and Kongreya Star, know that all the gains made on our lands today have been achieved thanks to our brave martyrs and Leader Öcalan. We should never bend the knee before those who set their eyes on these gains today. We, the peoples, will be standing against anyone who would happen to harm our revolution, our people and the guerrilla who are our future.”