Paris 10’s mayor visits Kurdish hunger strikers

Paris 10’s mayor Alexandra Cordebar visited the hunger strike held in the Migrant Workers From Turkey Association (ACTIT).

Paris 10’s mayor Alexandra Cordebar visited Oppressed Migrants Confederation Europe (AvEG-Kon) member Ozkan Özdemir who has been on an indefinite nonalternating hunger strike for 50 days. Özdemir and Democratic Kurdish Council France representative Yekbun Eksen, Europe Young Struggle representative Bilen Ceyran and two other hunger strikers received Mayor Cordebar.

Cordebar asked about the hunger strikes and death fasts during the visit and asked what her office can contribute to the matter.

Ozdemir informed Cordebar on the ongoing indefinite nonalternating hunger strikes and the death fasts in Kurdistan, Turkey and Europe.

Cordebar also discusses the political situation in Turkey during the visit and said they closely monitor the regime in the country. Cordebar stressed that it is also significant that a woman led the hunger strikes and gave messages of solidarity with Leyla Guven.

When asked about the silence of mainstream media in Europe, Cordebar said there isn't much they can do about the media but she will discuss the matter with the Paris metropolitan mayor, city councils and chairs of other political party groups.

When asked about the white headscarf protests by mothers in Kurdistan and Turkey and the police brutality against them, Cordebar said: “Of course they will defend their rights. I must send my gratitude to these women who display an indignant attitude.”

Mayor Cordebar added that she will show closer interest for the hunger strikes from now on and asked about the activists’ health and whether they had enough medical resources and doctors visits.