Hawl Camp houses 44,000 refugees

The number of refugees who reached Hawl Camp from different regions of Syria and Iraq has now hit 44,000.

The number of refugees pouring into the Hawl Camp in Heseke is increasing by the day as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continue to rescue and save civilians who were trapped in the areas held by DAESH (ISIS) mercenaries.

Aid organisations are actually not really meeting the needs of refugees and this despite the fact that the camp administration has been providing to their needs so far. The administration has also added two new sections, expanding the camp thanks to help from the democratic autonomous administration.

An extra 8,000 people can live in sections built on a 3 km long area. Newcomers to the camps are placed in tents set up in these areas.

Hawl Camp executive, Berzan Abdullah spoke to ANHA and said that the capacity of the Camp is actually 39,000.

Abdullah pointed out that the aid organizations operating in the camp did not behave responsibly, so the camp administration decided to open the two new sections to provide place for an extra 8,000 people.

Berzan Abdullah urged all aid organisations to provide assistance for the refugees from Deir ez-Zor.