Eid celebrated in peace and safety for Northern and Eastern Syria

The people of Northern and Eastern Syria are preparing for the Eid in peace and safety as the region is completely freed from ISIS gangs.

There are intense crowds in cities of Northern and Eastern Syria for Eid preparations. The region is home to a people who live in solidarity with a spirit for a common life, and with its complete liberation from ISIS gangs, the people can again prepare for Eid in peace and trust.


In Shexmeqsud in Aleppo, the people are safely preparing for the EId unlike other areas in the city. Citizens rush to the market to buy new clothes and sweets, and people meticulously clean their homes in preparation for the holiday.
The crowds in the neighborhood market increase after the iftar, and women stand out in the crowds. Women are out shopping for their children and their guests to come in the Eid.


Qamishlo city center and districts also see big crowds for the Eid preparations. Citizens are rushing to get their shopping done so they can be fully ready for Eid tomorrow.
It is difficult to walk in the streets of the market where the shopkeepers and the people are thankful for the Domestic Security Forces who ensure safety for the region.
A shopkeeper named Seid Xelil said they keep their shops open from early in the morning to late at night. Xelil said the people can go to the market in peace and trust thanks to the security forces taking precautions.
A citizen named Eladin Kirit said Qamishlo is much safer now and that the people have high morale.


With Eid preparations picking up speed in the Euphrates region, the Domestic Security Forces implemented intense security precautions. The checkpoints at the entrances to the city, districts and towns have been doubled.
There will be around the clock watchmen during the Eid. Domestic Security Forces Administrator Evin Misi said they have increased security against any undesired situations.


Famous for its crowds before Eid, Manbij is also a place of peace and trust now. Women and children are happily shopping in the city’s markets.