Arab clans: We stand with the SDF, Turkish state can’t trick us

Euphrates region clans announced that they support the SDF and won’t be tricked by the Turkish state.

Representatives from the 3 big Arab clans of the Euphrates Region Al Awdale, Cis and Al Nayim came together in a meeting organized by the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) in the Sirîn town.

The opinion leaders and representatives from Arab and Kurdish clans came together in the meeting in the Sirîn Cultural and Artistic Center.

SDF General Relations Bureau Member Ezîz Ehmed spoke in the meeting and said instead of a military war, the Turkish state resorts to special war tactics and wants to transfer the internal crisis in the country over to Syria. Ehmed said Turkey and certain states aim to pit the peoples of Syria against each other.


Al Awdale clan opinion leader Hac Xelîl said, “We promise that we will support the SDF until the last ISIS member is destroyed and peace is established in Syria. We won’t be tricked by the Turkish state’s special war.”

This meeting was held a few weeks after the meeting with representatives from the Al Amirat clan in Sirîn town.