Zapatistas visit Democratic Kurdish Society Center in Bern

A delegation of Zapatistas from Mexico visited the Democratic Kurdish Society Center in Bern and exchanged experiences in the struggle for freedom.

As part of the Gira Por La Vida (Journey for Life), the Zapatistas visit all five continents and exchange experiences of resistance. The first trip of the Zapatista delegation was to Europe. There the Zapatistas travel through various countries and exchange ideas with grassroots initiatives and freedom movements.

On Sunday a Zapatista group visited the Kurdish Democratic Society Center in Bern for a meeting with the Kurdish women's movement YJK-S, various left youth organizations and members of the Rojava Committee.

The Zapatistas, among other things, talked at length about their resistance and organizational models, as well as their rich culture and history. A representative of the Kurdish women's movement told the history of the movement and its tradition of resistance. In particular, she explained the organizational model of women in the Rojava revolution.

After their visit to Bern, the Zapatistas will visit Lugano, Basel and Zurich.