Young people in Basel protest free trade agreement between Switzerland and Turkey

Young people in Basel organised a protest at the Novartis building against the free trade agreement that entered into force between Turkey and Switzerland on Friday.

Members of Jinên Xwendekarên Kurdistan (JXK) carried out a new action in Basel together with Yekîtiya Xwendekarên Kurdistan (YXK) and internationalists. Young people first protested in front of the Novartis building and then wrote graffiti on the walls against the free trade agreement between Turkey and Switzerland.

The young people denounced the use of chemical weapons by the invading Turkish state in Kurdistan and asked all patriotic people not to remain silent against the attacks, and called on them to stand up for the guerrilla resistance.

Young women made the following statement: “In the last few months, the Turkish army has used more than a hundred chemical weapons against the heroic guerrilla resistance, and has committed war crimes punished by international criminal law. New types of chemical weapons have been used for two weeks. However, neither the US nor the EU have said anything against Turkey and are therefore complicit in this crime. NATO countries that support the racist Turkish state and provide all kinds of technical support are also partners in this crime.”

The young people added: “The Turkish army has been using a new type of chemical weapons, especially in the last 15 days. This new chemical weapon almost certainly came from one of these countries. We call on the international public and all democratic institutions to urgently oppose these attacks on the crimes of the Turkish regime.”

Time to stand up

The statement continued: “The Kurdish youth movement in Europe demands an immediate end to the sale of arms to Turkish fascism. That's why we call on all young men and women to resist and stand up for a better world! It's time to resist!”