YBŞ on deadly Turkish attack: “We will never step back”

YBŞ vowed that they would never step back in the face of enemy attacks, saying, “We promise that the occupation of Shengal will only be a dream for the enemy.”

The General Command of Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) released a statement about Friday’s deadly Turkish targeted drone attack that claimed the lives of YBŞ Commander Azad Êzdin (Silêman Şemo Yusuf) and Enwer Tolhildan (Nacî Hecî Sebro) and left two other fighters injured.

“Turkey’s attempt to invade the holy land will not go beyond a dream,” said the YBŞ Command and stressed that they would not step back.

The statement released by YBŞ Command on Saturday includes the following:

“Our valuable commander Azad Êzdin witnessed at a young age what was done to his people. Most recently, when ISIS attacked Shengal, our companion turned his pain into a promise of revenge and took part in every stage of resistance with great sacrifices within the YBŞ, starting from its founding to the moment he fell a martyr.

Azad Êzdin was a warm-hearted, outstanding, brave and straight fighter loyal to his people. He was a combative commander possessing will, faith, revenge, labour and loyalty to his cause. Starting with the ISIS onslaught on Shengal, he confronted all the attacks, fighting on the front alongside martyrs Berxwedan, Zerdeşt, Dijwar, Pîr Hemît and Bêrîvan. He embraced the pain of his people with a great heart. With the hope of liberating Shengal, he marched in the footsteps of Mam Zekî, Mam Beşîr and all our brave martyrs.

Comrade Enwer Tolhildan joined the YBŞ ranks at an early age. With a passion for creating a free life, he always stood at the front lines of resistance. He successfully accomplished all the tasks he undertook with great sacrifice, which made him a symbol of the Yazidi youth’s resistance. Enwer Tolhildan became a concrete response in the fight against all the conflict schemes implemented against the Yazidi youth and people. Comrade Enwer did not recognise any obstacles in the freedom march that he had taken to achieve his goal. He always based on accomplishment.

From the beginning to this day, we have paid heavy prices in the struggle for a free life, with martyrs Berxwedan, Zerdeşt, Mam Zekî, Çiya, Bêrîvan, Arîn, Mam Beşîr, Serhat, Ezdin, Dijwar and numerous others. We will never step back until we realize the dreams and goals of the martyrs. We promise that the invasion of Shengal will only be a dream for the enemy. For the enemy, the invasion of the holy land will not go beyond a dream. If the invaders think that they will make us renounce our cause through their betraying collaborators and immoral attacks, they are wrong. We fought under the most challenging conditions and never took a step back. We promised that we would live freely in Shengal, to make the hopes of the people real, and to realize the dreams and goals of the martyrs. We accept nothing other than that. Just as Azad Êzdin fought and sacrificed his life for the culture, faith, religion and honor of his people, we will fight for the martyrs till the end of our lives.

On this basis, we commemorate all our martyrs in the persons of valuable commander Azad and Enwer. We bow respectfully before their memory, offering our condolences to their valuable families and wishing a speedy recovery to the injured.”

YBŞ announced the identity details of the two fallen fighters as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Azad Êzdin

First-Last Name: Silêman Şemo Yusuf

Date and Place of Birth: 11.02.1993-Siba Şex Xidir

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 21.01.2022-Deriyê Şilo


Nom de Guerre: Enwer Tolhildan

First-Last Name: Nacî Hecî Sebro

Date and Place of Birth: 1996-Xanesor

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 21.01.2022-Deriyê Şilo