Yazidis protest for Shengal in Yerevan

Yazidi institutions organized demonstration in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, and condemned the plans for Shengal.

Reactions to the agreement reached between the Iraqi government and the South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP regarding Shengal continue. Yazidi institutions in Armenia's capital Yerevan protested the plans with a statement they made in front of Mala Gel (People’s House).

Kurdistan Committee co-chair Silo Dirboyan read out the statement and said the following:

“We call on all Kurdistan organizations and circles to support Shengal. The Yazidi community in Shengal has developed a defense system based on its own power in order not to go through yet another massacre. They have also established a system that administers itself on a democratic basis. This established system is a universal and democratic right. It will not harm anyone and will contribute to the development of democracy in the region. However, we realize that there are circles that begrudge the Yazidi community its freedom. We condemn the deal between Hewler and Bagdad including Turkey, which paves the way for planning attacks on Shengal.

As the institutions of the Yazidi community in Armenia, we stand by our Yazidi community in Shengal. We want the Kurdistan parties and the entire Yazidi community, wherever they may be, to claim Shengal and support the recognition of the Shengal Democratic Autonomous administration.”