Young man shot by soldiers in Van fights for his life in hospital

M. Ali Nametoğulları, shot by Turkish soldiers in Van, is struggling for his life. His father Iskender Namtoğulları said that his son had got out of the vehicle and had raised his hands but was shot while walking towards the soldiers.

20-year-old M. Ali Nametoğulları, was shot by a Turkish soldier in the vicinity of Erçek Police Station, in Ipekyolu, province of Van. The young man is fighting for his life in the hospital. Nametoğulları was hit by 2 bullets and will need to undergo a very complex surgery if there is no improvement in his health within two days. His lung is damaged.

Nametoğulları had left home and was going to Van because his sister had asked him to bring her to the doctor. In order to avoid being stopped by soldiers and questioned for breaking the coronavirus curfew, Nametoğulları passed by Erçek Police Station.

When he got out of the vehicle after being ordered the "stop", he was shot in the back by. Nametoğulları, whose 3 ribs were broken and lungs were damaged as a result of the bullet hitting the right side of his back, was taken to Van Yüzüncü Yıl University Dursun Odabaşı Medical Center.

Iskender Nametoğulları, the father of the boy, said that his son's life is in danger has has not regained consciousness. Nametoğulları added: "If he doesn’t regain consciousness, he will undergo surgery in a day or two. He was asked by his sister to take her to the doctor, that’s why he was on his way to Van. He was stopped by soldiers. We guess he was injured by the fire opened by the soldiers of the Erçek Police Station. We are still waiting, he will testify when he has recovered and we will apply to the judiciary by acting according to his will."